Yoel Oren



I have been guiding since 1990, most of the time in the desert.

I carry out different kinds of treks throughout Israel and Sinai, from standard tourist routine tours to hard-core extreme hiking. I'm an expert in Israeli wildlife, especially birds, reptiles and mammals. I have a wide knowledge of Israeli history and archaeology.

I can carry out also jeep tours, hiking combined with outdoor camping and other attractions.


On a monthly basis I guide a group in special places in the Israeli desert. The hikes are for experienced hikers that like also to have fun. It's a steady group, but we welcome people to join. This year's program includes one hike in the Negev, two in the Judean desert, one to Sinai and more.


In March, April and May I am guiding hiking tours to Sinai, S anta Catharina area.

On the footsteps of the exodus in Pessah? 4 - days trek in the Negev desert:
This hike will bring us to the mysterious mount Karkom. Upon this mountain and around it, thousands of ancient sites were found: rock drawings, headstones, temples and  alters show this was a very sacred place. This is now one of the leading candidates claiming to be Mt.Sinai. We will start the hike at Mt. Romem, where a 3 kms wall, about 4000 years old, forms a perfect strait line connecting to the highest peak around, Mt. Ramon, on which stand many temples dating as old. We will cross the largest Makhtesh in the world, climb a hill containing shark teeth from 80 million years ago and camp beneath it. The next two days will bring us to Mt Arif with its two makhteshim and other sites. The price 140$ including a jeep to carry our camping gear to the camp sites and fullboard from the second day.

5 day treks to Sinai
Granite peaks of more than 2000 meters in altitude, orchards of apricots, grapes, almonds and berries, monastic sites and fresh water springs await us as we reach the Santa Catharina region in the south of Sinai. A 5 day trek will allow us breath in that experience. The trip will start at the Taba border-crossing near Eilat. A van will take us directly to the mountains. We will hike most of the day, spend our nights in the different orchards to which camels will bring our sleeping gear and extras. On the last day we will stop for lunch and snorkelling at the beach. The cost is 230$ including border-tax, fullboard and everything else.


Treks and jeep tours in Turkey

Arranged by Eco tours (www.eco.co.il), I guide those trips to Turkey:

9 days trek in the kachkar ridge (3937m): Rivers, forests, snow-covered peeks even in July and authentic lifestyle make this trip special.

8 days trek in the Ala-dalar ridge (3723m at Embler mountain) and Capadoccia: A more wild hard-core hike combined with the fascinating scenery of Capadoccia.

7-8 days Jeep tours in both regions.


Here is an example of a recommended plan:MOON

Judean desert hike from the ridge to the Dead-sea

Day one:
Starting from Arad, the town on the edge of the Judean desert and walking the Kidod wadi. Visiting one of the largest desert caves and crossing the gorge with the assistance of ropes. Camping near the eastern edge of the desert plateau, overlooking the! Dead-sea rift valley.

Day two: Walk north to the famous fortress of Masada, were the dramatic ending of the Jewish revolt against the Romans took place 2000 years ago. Walk down the snake path to the camping site near wadi Zeelim.

Day three: A long day spent in the "grand canyon" of the Judean desert: the Zeelim wadi, dealing with aspects in desert survival. Overnight at Ein-gedi field study center.

Day four: Relaxing amongst the pools and waterfalls of Ein-gedi nature reserve, and bathing in the Dead sea, the lowest spot on Earth.